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With its revolutionary cellulose powder system, Nasaleze is clinically proven to give effective protection against airborne allergens such as those from pollen, pets and dust mites.

  • Natural and non-drowsy, no steroids or antihistamine
  • Fast relief. Starts working in less than 3 minutes
  • Suitable for children from 18 months and pregnant or breastfeeding women

Nasaleze is a clinically proven nasal powder spray that delivers fast, effective protection against airborne allergens such as those from pollen, pets and dust mites. It contains a blend of cellulose and peppermint, which acts as a barrier and thereby helps to alleviate hay fever symptoms.

Nasaleze is recommended by The British Society for Allergy & Clinical Immunology as a drug-free treatment with no side effects. It is suitable for adults, athletes, pregnant and breastfeeding women and children from 18 months.

How does it work? The powder turns into a gel inside the nose, creating a barrier to shield and protect you from airborne allergens by preventing them from landing on the nasal membrane and triggering an allergic response. Without an allergic reaction to worry about, you can reduce your use of rescue medication, such as antihistamines.

As Nasaleze is a preventative measure, it should be used before coming into contact with allergens.

The efficacy of Nasaleze has been proven in over 28 clinical trials conducted on over 1,000 people worldwide. Based on these trials the symptom reduction can be compared to usual results in placebo-controlled studies of allergy rescue medication, e.g. antihistamines.

Nasaleze can be used alongside other allergy treatments, as part of a combination therapy strategy in the fight against hay fever and allergies. Nasaleze works effectively on its own for mild to moderate sufferers and can be used in combination with other treatments for more severe allergies.


Apply 2 to 3 times per day to maintain an effective barrier. Nasaleze should last 6 hours per application.

How to use

  1. Blow your nose to clear it.
  2. Shake the bottle.
  3. Test before first use by firing one spray into the air with a 10-15 cm plume of powder.
  4. Apply one to two sprays into each nostril.

Take Nasaleze before any exposure to airborne allergens.                                      


Inert natural cellulose powder and peppermint powder

Other information

Avoid contact with eyes and open wounds. If powder gets into your eyes, rinse with water.

Do not use this product if you are sensitive to cellulose and/or mint.

Keep in cool dry place.

Once opened, use within 6 months.

Please read the patient information leaflet thoroughly before use.