Miild makeup is created by two Danish makeup artists, who have personal experience of allergies. Inspired by nature, Miild products do not contain perfume, are sustainable and free from parabens. Born from need, created to celebrate beauty.

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Miild is a line of makeup that pioneers innovation within cosmetics. The brand was launched by Tine Lykkegaard and Tanja Gregersen, who themselves suffer from severe contact allergy, out of a desire to unite creativity, sustainability and consumer confidence in hypoallergenic beauty products. Miild’s product line consists of basic, organic makeup products that don't compromise on quality. Miild strives to enhance the level of comfort and luxury in your daily life through its lightweight wear and pure ingredients. Miild is the first cosmetics brand certified as eco friendly, organic and allergy friendly.

The company is based in Denmark, and the inspiration for the products stems from pure, Nordic nature.

The product line is carefully designed and developed with the aim of achieving optimal quality, long-lasting effects and a natural finish. Tine and Tanja are professional makeup artists who have personal experience with allergy and share a strong passion for enabling everyone to look beautiful.

Miild’s makeup is formulated with organic ingredients that help to enhance your own natural beauty, and leave your skin with a light, natural glow without irritation.

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