• Nima starter kit

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      We’ve got everything you need to get started with Nima, the world's first portable gluten sensor. With this starter kit, you get the innovative sensor and a box of 12 capsules – so you can start taking back your food freedom.

      Here’s what you get with Nima:

      • Extreme accuracy: Nima detects gluten at 20 ppm and above with 96.9% accuracy.
      • Convenient size: small enough to fit in your pocket or bag and bring with you everywhere you go.
      • Quick results: Nima analyses your sample in under 5 minutes and tells you if there’s any gluten detected.
      • Easy setup: 12 capsules included to get you started instantly.

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    • Nima sensor capsules


      The Nima capsules are your key to gluten-free food confidence. This is where you collect your food sample for testing. Each capsule contains special chemistry that looks for the gluten protein in your food sample. Each test requires the use of a single capsule.

      Packaged in a box of 12 capsules. 

      One capsule is used per test. A capsule cannot be reused.

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