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Living with allergy can be complicated. It often means the frustration of restless nights, itchy eyes, a scratchy nose and constant sneezing.

When was the last time you missed out on something because of your allergy? A gorgeous spring day in the park. A tempting new dish on a night out with friends. Even opening a window for a breath of fresh air. And how often have you struggled to navigate your way through the endless parade of products that promise relief for your symptoms?

We believe it doesn’t have to be this way – and we’ve launched klarify.me to help make living with allergy as simple as possible.

A young company with an old soul

We're just getting started, but our history is rich: our parent company, ALK, has been researching allergies for almost 100 years and pioneering breakthrough allergy innovations since 1923.

We know a lot about allergy - and we want to share that knowledge with as many people as possible. We’re using our expertise to make klarify.me the source of some of the world’s best allergy relief products and services.

Let’s make living with allergy simple

Allergy is rarely a life-threatening condition, but it is life changing. We’re here to help you manage that change practically and positively. That’s why we’re encouraging you to get in touch with any questions, suggestions or ideas.

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