Our story

We take the guesswork out of allergy. We provide research-based information and services you can trust. We’re here to help you unleash your full potential when living with allergy.



The beginning 

We know about allergy. Afterall, our parent company, ALK, has been researching allergies and pioneering allergy innovations for more than 95 years. 

Our story begins in Denmark in 1923. Peter Barfod, a pharmacist and Kaj Baagøe, a physician recorded the first pharmaceutically manufactured allergy preparation. Since then ALK has led the way in allergy treatment, globally. 



The number of people with allergies around the world is increasing. Allergy is often downplayed or even dismissed as nothing more than a nuisance. But we know it can have quite an impact on your life. Ultimately, some allergies can even be life-threatening. We know how important it is to take allergy seriously. 


We’re listening

We know how allergy can affect school and work performance. We know how allergy can affect your family life, social activities and more. We recognise allergy symptoms can affect your sleep. And the lack of sleep can impact your energy levels during the day. 


We’re here for you

In 2018 ALK launched klarify to reach and support more people who live with allergy. 

Perhaps you’re one of the many, who accepts your symptoms as the new normal. You might not know exactly which allergens you react to. And it can be confusing to know what’s the right allergy management and treatment for you.

We want to share our knowledge and expertise with you. Our focus is you and your experience of living with allergy.


We clarify your options

Allergy is a complex subject. We explain and inspire with clear, simple language. Everything we do and everything we say is backed by science. We want to help you to improve the quality of your life with allergy. 


We’re practical

We’re the home of the Home Allergy Test which can analyse your sensitisation to hundreds of allergens. We provide everything you need to know about allergy testing so you can make the right decision for you. We make life with allergy surprisingly simple.


Unleash your full potential
We want to help you live your life without limitations. A life where you’re not restricted or defined by your allergies. A life where you can get on with your day’s work and activities. Where you can have a good night’s sleep. Where you and your children can play outdoors whenever you want. 


We believe everyone deserves to live life to the full.


Your allergy is our concern. 

For any questions contact us here: support-uk@klarify.me 

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