At, science is part of our DNA, passed down to us by our owners, ALK (Allergy Lab Kopenhagen), whose history within allergy research goes back almost 100 years.

We screen scientific literature with passion and apply rigorous mechanical tests to make sure that our products live up to the expectations that we sell them on. In addition, all team members field-test our products themselves to verify their effect in real-life settings.

Most products on have, unlike many offerings found elsewhere, been investigated in world-class scientific papers like ‘The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology’. We also work closely together with patient organizations, midwives, nurses, allergists and pediatricians all over the world, who provide us with insights that we can turn into actions for the benefit of people living with allergies.

Lastly, we listen to you. Whether it is you or a loved one who is living with an allergy (or at risk of developing one), we are open to your suggestions for new ways to help and we cherish your opinion on our constantly developing offerings. We cannot promise to bring everything forward, but we will use our decade of experience within the field to help you lead a simpler life - even with allergies.

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