Specialist treatments for allergy - lady out jogging in the park

If avoidance techniques and symptomatic medicines are not alleviating your suffering, there may be specialist treatments available as an alternative.


For some allergies, immunotherapy treatment may be available. The treatment can provide long-lasting relief from your allergy symptoms and reduce your need for symptom-relieving medicines.

Who is allergy immunotherapy for?

Allergy immunotherapy may be recommended for people for whom conventional allergy medication isn’t working, or for people who require increasingly higher doses. It is available for adults and older children.

How does allergy immunotherapy work?

Allergy immunotherapy treats the cause of your allergy through controlled, repeated exposure that allows your body to build up tolerance to the substance that causes your allergy.

Over time, this treatment can reduce the amount of medication you need to take for your allergy. It can even provide long-lasting relief from troublesome symptoms, and their effects on your day-to-day activities.

For more information about allergy immunotherapy, including possible side effects, consult your GP.

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