Natural allergy relief kit


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The nights may be long right now, but spring and the hay fever season will be here before you know it. Give your loved one the gift of natural allergy relief this Christmas. Featuring:

  • BREATHOX - salt inhalation for clearer airways
  • RHINIX (Medium) - keeping pollen out of your nose
  • Nasaleze - a barrier shielding you from airborne allergens in your nose

The natural allergy relief kit consists of:

A portable salt inhalator that helps relieve cough & irritation caused by allergies, asthma, colds, COPD and bronchitis.
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A clinically proven solution to help keep your nose free of pollen. A RHINIX™ nasal filter reduces your outdoor allergy symptoms including a runny nose, itchy nose and sneezing.
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With its revolutionary cellulose powder system, Nasaleze is clinically proven to give effective protection against airborne allergens such as those from pollen, pets and dust mites.
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