Nima sensor test capsules


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The Nima capsules are your key to gluten-free food confidence. This is where you collect your food sample for testing. Each capsule contains special chemistry that looks for the gluten protein in your food sample. Each test requires the use of a single capsule.

Packaged in a box of 12 capsules. 

One capsule is used per test. A capsule cannot be reused.

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The Nima capsules are a key component of the Nima sensor. A small portion of food is placed inside a capsule and then inserted into the sensor for gluten detection. Each capsule can only be used once.

To use the capsules:

  • Put a small sample of food into a new capsule.
  • Close the top to mix the food and the chemistry. 
  • Chemistry in the capsule will now bind to any gluten protein in the food sample. 
  • Place the capsule into the Nima sensor and press the start button.
  • The Nima sensor shows the result.

Learn more about testing with Nima.

You can test as often as you want, but most people find that a single box of 12 capsules is a good starting point for your first month of use.

Fresh capsules
It’s important to always use fresh capsules. To ensure a valid test, capsules expire 6 months after manufacturing. We will always send you capsules that have at least 2 months of shelf life left.

Storing capsules
Because capsule chemistry is very precise, capsules must be stored between 0°C and 35°C. Capsules should be thrown away after use.