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It's not easy being allergic to a close family member. And even if you decide to part with your pet, your allergies won't go away instantly. We have products that can mimimize the amount of pet allergens still found in your home.

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It's not easy being allergic to a close family member.

If you have a pet allergy, you probably know the advice: get rid of your dog or cat. But for animal lovers that is not an option. And separation from your pet brings little relief, because when it comes to pet allergy, sufferers do not respond to the pet hairs, but rather to the proteins that are found in the saliva, sweat and urine of the animals. These proteins stay in carpets and upholstered furniture for years - so they are still there after the animal is long gone.

That's why it's even more important for people with a pet allergy to minimize the amount of pet allergens in their environment and our selection of products can help you to do just that.

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