Your personalised allergy companion app

If you have hay fever, klarify is an app for you. Use the app to log how you feel every day and track how your pollen allergies affect you over time.

With data on pollen, weather and air quality for any location in UK, plus a three-day forecast, allergy calendar, and tips for living with allergies, klarify can help you live your best life.

klarify is a free service and has no ads. Download it today!

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Feeling awful? Log it. Feeling a little better? Log that too.

Keep track of your hay fever symptoms to help identify what type of pollen affects you. No worries if you forget to log one day – you can always edit your entries later. Knowing what sets off your hay fever can help you manage it more effectively.

Stay ahead of your hay fever with klarify

Check the pollen levels, weather and air quality forecasts before you go outside. klarify provides location-based data so you can see what the conditions will be like today and over the next two days.

Get updates and pollen alerts so you can be prepared when the levels change. Knowing the pollen levels can help you predict when your hay fever will likely flare up so you can take precautions.

Find the help and support you need to manage your allergies in the Relief section. Learn about allergy diagnosis, treatment options and more.

klarify: the smart way to manage your allergy

App Store and Google Play reviews


Amazing! I’ve been searching for an accurate app where I can log my symptoms and check the pollen count, specifically grass pollen. I came across this a year ago but the app only worked in Germany. I am thrilled it now works in the U.K!! I don’t know where I would be without it. And I can’t believe it’s free!


BRILLIANT! Love this app very useful. A must for any sufferer.


Klara is excellent, it keeps me aware of the pollen before I go out.


Well specified app with superb insight as to what factors may adversely impact you.


BRILLIANT! So interactive and well made, I'm dumbfounded as to why it doesn’t have 10 million + downloads! It’s such a well thought out and useful app! One problem is that the only link that actually works to create an account is on the 'My page' page, the other links don't work once you receive the email


Amazing app. Truly helps me predict when my allergies will be bad, and what activities I can do that day. Also helps me track how I feel and what medicines I’ve taken.

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