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Extremely helpful!

The product was very easy to use; I expected the process to be more complicated, however, it was very simple and only took one lancet to get the necessary amount of blood. The results also allowed me to see just how allergic I am to grass pollen; this is extremely helpful as it’s given me the power to prepare appropriately for the next pollen season. I am also now looking into treatment because of these results in an attempt to lessen my symptoms.


Highly recommended, a great service all round.

An extremely positive experience all across the board. From receiving the small attractive kit, going through the process, to receiving the results, I can’t fault one bit. The kit provides you with all the sanitation and plasters you need, and walks you through the simple process step by step (which makes it much easier). After going through the process, you can use the prepaid envelope to send your sample away, and wait keenly for a couple of weeks for your results. Communication was great at this point, with confirmation that it had arrived with the eventual results coming through. It was great to see what I reacted to, I always had a suspicion that grass & dust set me off! The report was extremely detailed, going from simple charts into the actual mathematical breakdown of the reactions in your blood. Highly recommended, a great service all round.


Throughly enjoyed the klarify.me test...

Thoroughly enjoyed the klarify.me test and exceptional customer service throughout. I knew I had bad hay fever but I didn't know what caused it. Now I know I have a very high sensitivity to grass and high sensitivity to tree pollen. I also thought I had an allergy to some fruits like apples and it came back I was sensitive! I also found other surprising results like hazel nuts which I didn't know I was sensitive too. In terms of taking the test the box has easy instructions to follow and is simple. I would recommend to take your time setting up as initially I didn't warm my finger up that much on the first try and struggled to get much blood to fill the tube. The second time I ran my finger under warm water for 5 minutes and that did the trick! It was then a simple job to post my sample and a week or so later I got my results. Great experience!

Vicky Montague is a scientist, a mum and a recipe developer specialising in creating recipes that are gluten free, dairy free, egg free, nut free, soya free and refined sugar free. Many are vegan too.

Vicky Montague – Free From Fairy

Every review is personal story. Here’s Rebecca’s. Rebecca Smith is a full-time mum, free from recipe developer and blogger.

Rebecca Smith – Glutarama


The whole experience was great, and I found it impressive!

I was really interested and surprised when I received my results, everything was explained in thorough detail. I also received all correspondences promptly. Overall, the whole experience was great, and I found it impressive. The test was really comprehensive, and I personally think it would be great in the future to have even more allergens included in the test.


Very positive experience throughout

Very positive experience throughout the whole process. The test came packaged with detailed, helpful instructions which made taking the sample straightforward and stress free. Once I had posted the sample, I received my results in a timely manner and was kept updated by klarify's professional and friendly customer service. I didn't expect that I had any allergies and my results confirmed this, but I was interested to see if I was sensitised to anything I wasn't aware of. In total, a very pleasant experience and I would recommend the Home Allergy Test to anyone who is curious to find out more about what allergies they are sensitised to.

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Home Allergy Test – Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we have answers. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in our FAQ section below, reach out use our online submission form.

Allergy is an overreaction of your immune system in response to something that is normally harmless. In an allergic reaction to substances such as pollen, house dust mites, certain foods or insect stings, the immune system produces antibodies called Immunoglobulin E (IgE) specific to the allergen it’s trying to fight. The process of your body becoming sensitive to an allergen is called sensitisation. When you have an allergic reaction, the IgE antibodies tell other cells to release certain chemicals, such as histamine. And it’s those chemicals that can cause the annoying and sometimes even life-threatening allergy symptoms. The difference between sensitisation and allergy is whether your immune system uses its defence mechanisms or not. Meaning whether the chemicals that cause allergy symptoms are released or not. If you’re allergic, your next encounter with the allergen might trigger an allergic reaction. But you can be sensitised and encounter the specific substance repeatedly and never experience allergy symptoms. Sensitisation does not always lead to symptoms, but symptoms do not develop without sensitisation.

The Home Allergy Test enables the analysis of 290+ allergens using the innovative technology ALEX - Allergy Explorer. ALEX measures allergen specific IgE and total IgE. The allergens that are tested are divided into the following groups:

  • Pollen 59
  • Pets 25
  • Mites 19
  • Insect stings 10
  • Moulds&yeasts 13
  • Foods 154
  • Other allergens 14

See our sample report for the full list of allergens.

The Home Allergy Test identifies antibodies called Immunoglobulin E (IgE) in your blood. IgE plays a vital role in allergic reactions to many substances including a great variety of foods. Allergy is different from intolerance. Intolerance is when your body can’t digest certain foods. This can be caused by other antibodies (not IgE) or if you lack certain enzymes. For instance, missing the enzyme lactase could mean you’re dairy intolerant.

The Home Allergy Test identifies specific food allergens that could trigger an allergic reaction. It does not test for intolerances.

Your blood sample is analysed using the innovative technology ALEX – Allergy Explorer, which provides extensive multiplex testing of IgE levels. Our test detects your body’s reactions to both allergen extracts and allergen components, allowing for comprehensive precision testing right down to individual proteins in an allergen source.

The ALEX test method has been compared against the ImmunoCAP ISAC method, which is another very well-established and acknowledged method used by doctors and blood laboratories around the world. The study has been published in the peer-reviewed journal, World Allergy Organisation: Heffler et al. World Allergy Organisation Journal (2018) 11:7.

Restrictions and Exclusions for the klarify.me Home Allergy Test

Unused test kit - not yet shipped
To receive a full refund for your unused Home Allergy Test kit, you must notify us within thirty 30 days of placing your order that you are requesting your money back. Please ensure that you confirm that you have not yet shipped your blood sample to our laboratory. We care about your experience so please let us know why you are returning your Home Allergy Test and what we can do to improve.

Used test kit - already shipped
You will not qualify for a refund if you have already used your Home Allergy Test kit and shipped your blood sample to our laboratory. If you are experiencing any problems when using the kit, sending the blood sample or understanding your results, please reach out to us and we will always do our best to help you.

Quality issue
If you have noticed that something within your Home Allergy Test kit is broken, please photograph the item and attach it to the relevant section on our request form, alongside your details and the activation code that you will find in your kit.

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