Rediscover the freedom to enjoy meals anywhere without reservation. With the Nima Gluten Sensor you’ll be able to instantly know whether your food is safe for you to eat. The world’s first portable testing kit allows you to check your food for gluten anytime and anywhere.

With incredible accuracy (96,9%) and blazing fast analysis (results in 3-5 minutes or less), you can have peace of mind at every meal – if you let Nima take the first bite.

Get your Nima gluten sensor now

Test anywhere, anytime
Fast, accurate and convenient

Extreme accuracy

Nima detects gluten at 20 ppm and above (parts per million) with 96.9% accuracy.

Convenient size

Small enough to fit in your pocket or bag and bring with you everywhere you go.

Quick answers

Nima analyzes your sample in under 5 minutes and tells you if there's any gluten detected.

Peace of mind in 4 easy steps


Fill capsule with parts of the food you want to test


Screw the lid shut to grind the food


Chemicals in the capsule will mix with the food looking for gluten protein


Insert capsule into nima sensor to analyze

Let's take the guesswork out of gluten intolerance

Results are fast, reliable and easy to understand:

In just 3-5 minutes Nima will respond with either a Smiley icon to indicate no gluten detected or a wheat icon to indicate gluten found

Nima helps you live your best life

Celebrate special occasions without reservations

Explore exotic meals on travels without fear

Have dinner at a friend's house without worries

Trusted science,
in your pocket

Specially developed antibodies in the capsules recognize and bind to the part of the gluten protein that causes autoimmune reactions – allowing the Nima sensor to give you a fast and reliable result.

Read the scientific research report

What others say about Nima

Named one of the "25 best inventions of 2015"

"This device may relieve the stress of eating out for people with food allergies"

Winner of Hardware Battlefield 2016

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